Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY: Make your own nail polish!

So call me crazy, but I am not going to purchase all of this seasons "hot" nail polish colors. Why? Glad you asked. First of all the $12-$18 price tag. Second, many colors are a fad and if you buy them you'll just end up with a lot of strangely colored nail polish that you never use. Third, even if the color comes back in style in a year or two a lot of polish will go bad (separate) by then.
That said, I still see some colors that make me drool, and thanks to Sephora emailing me at least once a week I get a constant reminder of the uber chic colors I'm missing out on.  This seasons color that became my obsession? Turquoise! I spent a week flip-flopping on whether to buy turquoise polish, mostly because I couldn't decide whether the color was pretty or pretty awful and I didn't want to part with my hard earned cash to find out.
Then it struck me: Could I make my own nail polish? A quick Google search later made me think I could. All I really needed was white nail polish and eyeshadow. So I rummaged through my makeup and found supplies.

Items used:
  • white OPI nail polish
  • an Urban Decay eye shadow in turquoise that I haven't worn in years
  • a cheap lip gloss brush
  • two plastic cups
  • two Q-tips
  • nail polish remover. 
  1. Pour about a teaspoon full into the plastic cup (make sure you pour enough to do two coats of a pedicure or manicure with)
  2. Pull the cotton off two Q-tips
  3. Use one of the Q-tips to scrape some eyeshadow into the plastic cup
  4. Use the other Q-tip to mix the eyeshadow into the white polish
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach your desired color
  6. Apply the nail polish to your toes or nails (or both!) with the lip gloss brush, add second coat when the first coat has dried
  7. Pour a little nail polish remover in the plastic cup which hasn't been used yet
  8. Swirl the lip gloss brush around in the nail polish remover and once it looks clean wash off with soap and water

I have to say that I LOVE the results.  It is two weeks later and it still looks great!  Of course when I told my mother what I was doing she just looked concerned and offered to give me some of her polish ;)  Oh, and I'd like to add a fourth reason for not buying this seasons hot nail polish color: because making your own is fun!!

Note: I think you could use colored chalk pastels instead of eyeshadow.  I will try it out and let you know!

My camera is terrible, it looked way better in person!


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